Vanwood Floors Distributing

Vanwood Floors has set the benchmark for excellence in Engineered hardwood, Laminate flooring, Vinyl, and flooring underlays. For more than a decade, Vanwood Floors has provided the best products to our dealers throughout greater Vancouver.  At Vanwood Floors, we believe beautiful floors are the heart to any home. Our floors are inspired by nature, designed to reflect the beauty and tranquility of the great outdoors, and to suit any decor or budget.

We stock a wide range of flooring and accessories for residential and commercial applications. Vanwood flooring products are specified to meet the rigorous demands of residential and commercial installations. Our dealers know they can trust in the name “Vanwood”.

Our 30,000 square foot Annacis Island warehouse stocks more than 100 traditional and contemporary styles at competitive prices. Dealers and installers are always welcome to drop by to see and feel our products first-hand.



We source the finest flooring materials available at the most cost-effective price from reputable manufacturers.


We regularly review product design to maximise aesthetics, strength, durability, acoustics, safety and ease of installation.


Having a large inventory allows for greater flexibility in planning and executing projects. Vanwood Floors can respond promptly to fluctuations in demand, accommodate larger projects, and adapt to unforeseen changes without causing delays.

Service & Experience

Having over two decades of experience in the industry signifies a deep understanding of flooring products, trends, customer needs, and best practices. This expertise allows Vanwood Floors to offer valuable insights, guidance, and high-quality products to their customers.