HERITAGE Collection

Laminate Flooring: 1218 x 196 x 12.3 mm, 15.39 sq.ft per box (6Pcs/box)

The Heritage Collection of hand-scraped laminate flooring appears to offer several notable features that promote its quality and aesthetic appeal:

  1. Premium 12mm Hand-Scraped Laminate: The flooring boasts a premium quality 12mm thickness with a hand-scraped texture, providing a beautiful and authentic appearance akin to real wood.

  2. Texture and Vibrant Colors: The gorgeous texture, along with vibrant colors, contributes to the flooring’s visual appeal, giving it a realistic wood-like appearance.

  3. One Strip (Plank) Design with Micro Bevel Edge: The one-strip plank design, coupled with a micro bevel edge, enhances the flooring’s visual continuity and elegance.

  4. Smooth Satin Surface: The smooth satin surface offers a refined finish, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the flooring.

  5. Sharp Wood Pattern and Oil-Finished Hardwood Resemblance: The sharp wood pattern and color resemblance to oil-finished hardwood further enhance the authenticity of the flooring’s appearance.

  6. Suitability for Extensive Residential Use and Light Commercial: The thickness and density of the flooring make it suitable for extensive residential use and light commercial spaces, indicating durability and versatility.

  7. High Abrasive Resistance of HDF Laminate: The flooring promises high abrasive resistance due to its HDF laminate construction, ensuring longevity and durability even in high-traffic areas.

  8. 25-Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty: The product offers a 25-year limited warranty from the manufacturer, providing customers with confidence in the flooring’s long-term performance and quality assurance.

Overall, the Heritage Collection of hand-scraped laminate flooring appears to combine aesthetic appeal, durability, and suitability for both residential and light commercial use, making it an attractive option for projects where a hardwood look is desired with the benefits of laminate flooring’s durability and ease of maintenance.


  • Dimensions: H x W x L: Individual floor board 12.3 mm x 196 mm x 1218 mm.
  • Technical specs/ratings E1/AC4-Class 23/31 Finish/colour/pattern: Hand scraped registered embossed.
  • HDF brown core Bevel edges Unilin click 4 sided valinge click(Drop lock) by Flooring Industries™.
  • Material/composition : HDF board with decor paper, melamine surface.
  • Waxed edge for better water resistance.
  • Intended Use: Heavy residential/light commercial.
  • Warranty: 25 yrs manufacturer limited warranty.