Vinyl Flooring: 227 x 1524 x 6.5 + 0.5 mm, 18.78 sf/box (6 pcs per box)

The Mega Plank EIR Collection of premium vinyl flooring offers several advanced features that cater to both commercial and domestic use:

  1. Stone Polymer Composite Core (SPC): Utilizing an evolved stone polymer composite core (SPC), this flooring is characterized by its rigid structure. This core provides exceptional strength, durability, and makes the flooring 100% waterproof, ideal for areas prone to moisture.

  2. Registered Embossed Surface with 20 Mil Wear Layer: The registered embossed surface, coupled with a 20 mil wear layer, enhances durability. This feature adds texture and realism to the flooring, while the wear layer contributes to its resilience against scratches and wear, extending its lifespan.

  3. Increased Durability and Strength: The SPC core not only ensures waterproof properties but also significantly improves the flooring’s durability and strength. This feature is particularly beneficial for high-traffic areas in both commercial and residential settings.

  4. Attached Underlay: The inclusion of an attached underlay simplifies the installation process by already being affixed to the floorboard. This feature streamlines installation and potentially offers added benefits like sound insulation and enhanced comfort underfoot.

  5. Versatility and Easy Installation: With its waterproof nature and elegant design, this flooring solution is easy to install and suitable for a wide range of indoor areas that require both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The Mega Plank EIR Collection appears to offer a high-quality vinyl flooring solution with its combination of an SPC core, registered embossed surface, wear layer, waterproofing, attached underlay, durability, and easy installation. It presents itself as a sought-after choice for various indoor environments seeking both practicality and sophistication in design.


  • Registered embossed surface with 20 mil ware layer
  • 100% waterproof.can be installed in humid and wet areas, kitchens, laundry, powder room and bathroom. And can be cleaned with a mosit mop.
  • Underlay – underlay included on each plank.
  • Eco friendly – stone polymer composite flooring is made from eco friendly materials
  • Fire resistant – made from stone polymer composite.
  • Plank size: 227 mm x 1524 mm x 6.5 +0.5 mm.
  • Pack size: 6 pcs per box (18.78 sq. ft.)
  • 30 yrs residential , 10 yrs commercial manufacturer warranty .