Whole-Wheat Vinyl Flooring SPC-EIR


Width 227 mm

Length 1524 mm

Thickness 6.5 + 20 mil wear layer

Quantity in each box 5 pcs per box (18.78 sq. ft.).


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Premium Vinyl Flooring SPC  has evolved with a stone polymer composite core called SPC. Registered embossed surface with 20 mil ware layer to enhanced durability.  This rigid core makes the flooring 100% waterproof, increase the durability and strength. Also, it comes with underlay  that already has attached to the floorboard, which has made it the most saught-after flooring solution for commercial and domestic use.  It is  easy to install and perfect for all indoor  areas requiring waterproof along with elegant design.


  • Registered embossed surface with 20 mil ware layer
  • Underlay – underlay included on each plank.
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Eco friendly – stone polymer composite flooring is made from eco friendly materials
  • Fire resistant – made from stone polymer composite.
  • 30 yrs residential , 10 yrs commercial manufacturer warranty .